Blessings and Miracles

BLESSINGS & MIRACLES is a moving memoir that will have readers cheering for a young Shashicka as if they knew her. And upon finishing the story, readers will come to realize they do know her. She is the young girl standing at the bus stop, the young boy getting into mischief on the street corner, the kids loitering in the park or cutting class at school. Shashicka represents the battle and triumph of so many children of color who find themselves being raised in single parent homes, forced to grow up too fast, too soon.

Read what others are saying about Blessings and Miracles:
“What an amazing story of courage, trials, and triumph. I started reading around 7:30pm and read the last word around 3am. I just couldn’t put it down. It’s like the pages turned themselves. All the pain, all the struggle, all the strength, courage and the shear determination you embody is AMAZING. How can any read your story and not be inspired to press on, have faith, and strive for the greatness in themselves. I don’t believe anyone can read your story and NOT be CHANGED and be blessed in some way. Your heart is so amazingly huge. And anyone who comes into your presence “if open” will receive the over flow of anointing and blessings God has placed over your life. I would like to thank you personally. Because the thing that I received most out of your experiences and triumphs is to let go of my own self pity and all the immense hurt I have endured myself in this life. I now realize I don’t have to let that hurt eat away at my soul anymore. I can overcome it. And I can channel it in a way that will bring out the best in me. Therefore living a more fulfilling, healthier, and happier life. Thank u for being obedient to God and allowing him to use you. You are going to touch and change people in every corner of the world. Take a deep breath. Enjoy it. GOD BLESS!”
– Veronica Curry

“I have read and reread BLESSINGS AND MIRACLES, this book is, I believe, anointed by God to touch and transform lives,young and old!! Some of us if not most of us will see ourselves in this book.This book is life changing and is a testimony of what God can and will do with a broken, yielded life.Mothers get this book BLESSINGS and Miracles for yourselves, purchase a copy for your daughters, give a copy to a young girl, this is a must read book! Thank you Mrs. Hill, for allowing God to use you to tell your story to help someone along the way. Gentlemen get a copy too, read it! Whomever reads BLESSINGS and MIRACLES will never be the same!!!” – Barbara Gamble

“This book is a must read! She overcame so much as a child I cried as well as rejoiced as her life changed for the better. She encouraged me to start my own business in child care. Thanks Mrs. Hill for your wonderful story it’s motivating in so many ways.”
– Mark Hall


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